Charlotte "Charlie" Russell MSN,RN,FNE,CLL has been a nurse for over 20 years. She has taught LPNs and RNs for a decade. She understands the challenges associated with being a nursing student, a new grad, a nurse, and a nurse educator. She is dedicated to helping nurses feel supported and successful.


Nurses, nurture nurses!

Nurses, nurture nurses! We will explore and discuss the need for competent as well as compassionate nurses. This is not a typical "nursing conference". We will have fun while learning a great deal of useful tips and information. Nurse educators need to help create competent AND compassionate nurses. Nurse managers need to ensure competency is measured as well as compassion.


Let's ensure the nursing profession remains one of the top trusted professions! We need to produce and continually support competent and caring nurses. Come share your ideas with your colleagues. You will leave with motivation and the tools to help improve your environment.


It is a conscious decision to conduct this conference on a day which celebrates our military. Those who have served and are currently serving understand not just the wanting of support, but they know one HAS to support one another for safety and success. All nursing environments should be healthy and supportive of one another as well for the safety of our patients and our personal wellbeing. Let's remember this always, and make it happen!


Make a weekend of it! Please call 1-866-877-9897 and refer to “PRN Tutoring” or booking code “12027” to reserve your room. These rooms are limited. Reserve your room now!

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What people are saying about Charlotte "Charlie" Russell MSN,RN,FNE, CLL

“You will find no better instructor than Charlotte...superior nursing knowledge, vast clinical expertise, compassionate caring heart with a fun, captivating and approachable ability to communicate her knowledge, expertise and compassion.” W. R.  

"It was obvious she cared about nursing" D.S.

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What people are saying about Charlotte "Charlie" Russell MSN,RN,FNE,CLL

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"Charlie is knowledgeable AND an entertainer" L.T.

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