Nurses have an obligation to produce and continually support competent and caring nurses. As an experienced nurse, nurse educator, mentor, and speaker I am committed to ensuring the nursing profession remains one of the top trusted professions!

There are many tools available to assist individuals and teams in success. Well, I’m just that, a tool. I will help you to laugh your way to achieving your objectives! Whether it’s to survive nursing school, prepare for your license exam, or assist a team in their success, it is my privilege to help you.Just let me know how I can help you today!  

           Charlotte "Charlie" Russell                              MSN,RN,FNE,CLL



Charlotte "Charlie" Russell MSN,RN,FNE, CLL

pROFESSIONAL NURSE tutor/speaker

Dedicated to helping you! We need competent AND caring nurses at the bedside. Nurses need to nurture nurses.

Nurses, nurture nurses